Learning Class-relevant Features and Class-irrelevant Features via a Hybrid third-order RBM


Heng Luo, Ruimin Shen, Changyong Niu, Carsten Ullrich ;
Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, PMLR 15:470-478, 2011.


Restricted Boltzmann Machines are commonly used in unsupervised learning to extract features from training data. Since these features are learned for regenerating training data a classifier based on them has to be trained. If only a few of the learned features are discriminative other non-discriminative features will distract the classifier during the training process and thus waste computing resources for testing. In this paper, we present a hybrid third-order Restricted Boltzmann Machine in which class-relevant features (for recognizing) and class-irrelevant features (for generating only) are learned simultaneously. As the classification task uses only the class-relevant features, the test itself becomes very fast. We show that class-irrelevant features help class-relevant features to focus on the recognition task and introduce useful regularization effects to reduce the norms of class-relevant features. Thus there is no need to use weight-decay for the parameters of this model. Experiments on the MNIST, NORB and Caltech101 Silhouettes datasets show very promising results. [pdf]

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