Volume 26: Proceedings of the Workshop on On-line Trading of Exploration and Exploitation 2, 02 July 2011, Bellevue, Washington, USA


Editors: Dorota Glowacka, Louis Dorard, John Shawe-Taylor





Dorota Głowacka, Louis Dorard, John Shawe-Taylor ; PMLR 26:i-i

Accepted Papers

Online Clustering with Experts

Anna Choromanska, Claire Monteleoni ; PMLR 26:1-18

An Unbiased Offline Evaluation of Contextual Bandit Algorithms with Generalized Linear Models

Lihong Li, Wei Chu, John Langford, Taesup Moon, Xuanhui Wang ; PMLR 26:19-36

Exploration and Exploitation with Insufficient Resources

Chris Lovell, Gareth Jones, Klaus-Peter Zauner, Steve R. Gunn ; PMLR 26:37-61

ICML Exploration & Exploitation Challenge: Keep it simple!

Olivier Nicol, Jérémie Mary, Philippe Preux ; PMLR 26:62-85

Stumping along a Summary for Exploration & Exploitation Challenge 2011

Christophe Salperwyck, Tanguy Urvoy ; PMLR 26:86-97

PAC-Bayes-Bernstein Inequality for Martingales and its Application to Multiarmed Bandits

Yevgeny Seldin, Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, Peter Auer, François Laviolette, John Shawe-Taylor ; PMLR 26:98-111

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