JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings
Volume 7: Proceedings of KDD-Cup 2009 competition

Supplemental Material

Editors: Gideon Dror, Marc Boullé, Isabelle Guyon, Vincent Lemaire, David Vogel.

KDD 2009 logo

Website of the KDD cup 2009: Fast Scoring on a Large Database.
The platform is still available for post-challenge submissions.

Fact Sheets for the Fast Track and the Slow track.
The fact sheets describe briefly the methods used by the participants to solve the tasks of the challenge. Click on the team name in the table to access the fact sheet.

Datasets of the Challenge.
The labeled training data and the unlabeled test data are available for download. You may evaluate your results by submitting them to the platform and they will be automatically scored.

Sample Matlab Code.
We provide sample code to help you read the data and format the results.