Constructing Simulation Data with Dependency Structure for Unreliable Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data Using Copulas


Cornelia Fuetterer, Georg Schollmeyer, Thomas Augustin ;
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications, PMLR 103:216-224, 2019.


Simulation studies are becoming increasingly important for the evaluation of complex statistical methods. They tend to represent idealized situations. With our framework, which incorporates dependency structures using copulas, we propose multidimensional simulation data with marginals based on different degrees of heterogeneity, which are built on different ranges of distribution parameters of a zero-inflated negative binomial distribution. The obtained higher and lower variation of the simulation data allows to create lower and upper distribution functions lead to simulation data containing extreme points for each observation. Our approach aims at being closer to reality by considering data distortion. It is an approach of examining classification quality in case of measurement distortions in gene expression data and might propose specific instructions of calibrating measuring instruments.

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