Volume 109: 2nd Workshop on Online Recommender Systems and User Modeling, 19 September 2019, ACM RecSys 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark


Editors: João Vinagre, Alípio Mário Jorge, Albert Bifet, Marie Al-Ghossein




A pragmatic and industry-aware approach toward the design of on-line recommender systems

Paolo Cremonesi ; PMLR 109:1-1

Contributed Papers

Fuzzy D’Hondt’s Algorithm for On-line Recommendations Aggregation

Ladislav Peška, Štep̌án Balkar ; PMLR 109:2-11

Search-Based Serving Architecture of Embeddings-Based Recommendations

Sonya Liberman, Shaked Bar, Raphael Vannerom, Danny Rosenstein, Ronny Lempel ; PMLR 109:12-20

Incremental Multi-Dimensional Recommender Systems: Co-Factorization vs Tensors

Miguel Sozinho Ramalho, João Vinagre, Alípio Mário Jorge, Rafaela Bastos ; PMLR 109:21-35

Personalized Push Notifications for News Recommendation

Babak Loni, Anne Schuth, Lucas van de Haas, Jeroen Jansze, Vasco Visser, Marlies van der Wees ; PMLR 109:36-45

Optimal Delivery with Budget Constraint in E-Commerce Advertising

Chao Wei, Weiru Zhang, Shengjie Sun, Fei Li, Xiaonan Meng, Yi Hu, Kuang-chih Lee, Hao Wang ; PMLR 109:46-58

Practical Lessons from Predicting New User Demographics for Ad Targeting

Musen Wen, Zhen Xia, Deepak Kumar Vasthimal ; PMLR 109:59-67

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