Personalized Push Notifications for News Recommendation


Babak Loni, Anne Schuth, Lucas van de Haas, Jeroen Jansze, Vasco Visser, Marlies van der Wees ;
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Online Recommder Systems and User Modeling, PMLR 109:36-45, 2019.


Push notifications on mobile devices are an important way for users to stay up to date with news. Push notifications can also be a major source of annoyance for users: being interrupted at the wrong time for something you do not care about is frustrating. It is crucial to ensure the right push is sent to the right user at the right moment. In this paper we address this problem of personalized push notifications. We introduce our streaming push personalization pipeline, describe how we personalize pushes, discuss challenges, and end with open questions.

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