$\mu$TOSS - Multiple hypothesis testing in an open software system


Gilles Blanchard, Thorsten Dickhaus, Niklas Hack, Frank Konietschke, Kornelius Rohmeyer, Jonathan Rosenblatt, Marsel Scheer, Wiebke Werft ;
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Applications of Pattern Analysis, PMLR 11:12-19, 2010.


$\mu$TOSS is an R package providing an open source, easy-to-extend platform for multiple hypothesis testing (MHT), one of the most active research fields in statistics over the last 10-15 years. Its first motivation is to establish a common platform and standardization for MHT procedures at large. The $\mu$TOSS software has been designed and written in the framework of a “Harvest Programme” call of the PASCAL2 European research network. Basically, it consists of the two R packages mutoss and mutossGUI. For researchers, it features a convenient unification of interfaces for MHT procedures (including standardized functions to access existing specific MHT R packages such as multtest and multcomp, as well as recent MHT procedures that are not available elsewhere) and helper functions facilitating the setup of benchmark simulations for comparison of competing methods. For end users, a graphical user interface and an online user's guide for finding appropriate methods for a given specification of the multiple testing problem is included. Ongoing maintenance and subsequent extensions will aim at establishing $\mu$TOSS as a state of the art in statistical computing for MHT.

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