Learning Polyhedral Classifiers Using Logistic Function


Naresh Manwani, P. S. Sastry ;
Proceedings of 2nd Asian Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 13:17-30, 2010.


In this paper we propose a new algorithm for learning polyhedral classifiers. In contrast to existing methods for learning polyhedral classifier which solve a constrained optimization problem, our method solves an unconstrained optimization problem. Our method is based on a logistic function based model for the posterior probability function. We propose an alternating optimization algorithm, namely, SPLA1 (Single Polyhedral Learning Algorithm1) which maximizes the loglikelihood of the training data to learn the parameters. We also extend our method to make it independent of any user specified parameter (e.g., number of hyperplanes required to form a polyhedral set) in SPLA2. We show the effectiveness of our approach with experiments on various synthetic and real world datasets and compare our approach with a standard decision tree method (OC1) and a constrained optimization based method for learning polyhedral sets.

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