Ranking by calibrated AdaBoost


Róbert Busa-Fekete, Balázs Kégl, Tamás Éltető, György Szarvas ;
Proceedings of the Learning to Rank Challenge, PMLR 14:37-48, 2011.


This paper describes the ideas and methodologies that we used in the Yahoo learning-to-rank challenge^1. Our technique is essentially pointwise with a listwise touch at the last combination step. The main ingredients of our approach are 1) preprocessing (querywise normalization) 2) multi-class AdaBoost.MH 3) regression calibration, and 4) an exponentially weighted forecaster for model combination. In post-challenge analysis we found that preprocessing and training AdaBoost with a wide variety of hyperparameters improved individual models significantly, the final listwise ensemble step was crucial, whereas calibration helped only in creating diversity.

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