An Active Learning Algorithm Based on Parzen Window Classiffication


Liang Lan, Haidong Shi, Zhuang Wang, Slobodan Vucetic ;
Active Learning and Experimental Design workshop In conjunction with AISTATS 2010, PMLR 16:99-112, 2011.


This paper describes active learning algorithm used in AISTATS 2010 Active Learning Challenge as well as several of its extensions evaluated in the post-competition experiments. The algorithm consists of a pair of Regularized Parzen Window Classifiers, one trained on full set of features and another on features filtered using Pearson correlation. Predictions of the two classifiers are averaged to obtain the ensemble classifier. Parzen Window classifier was chosen because is an easy to implement lazy algorithm and has a single parameter, the kernel window size, that is determined by the cross-validation. The labeling schedule started by selecting random 20 examples and then continued by doubling the number of labeled examples in each round of active learning. A combination of random sampling and uncertainty sampling was used for querying. For the random sampling, examples were first clustered using either all features or the filtered features (whichever resulted in higher cross-validated accuracy) and then the same number of random examples was selected from each cluster. Our algorithm ranked as the 5th overall, and was consistently ranked in the upper half of the competing algorithms. The challenge results show that Parzen Window classifiers are less accurate than several competing learning algorithms used in the competition, but also indicate the success of the simple querying strategy that was employed. In the post-competition, we were able to improve the accuracy by using an ensemble of 5 Parzen Window classifiers, each trained on features selected by different filters. We also explored how more involved querying during the initial stages of active learning and the pre-clustering querying strategy would influence the performance of the proposed algorithm.

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