Quilting Stochastic Kronecker Product Graphs to Generate Multiplicative Attribute Graphs


Hyokun Yun, S V N Vishwanathan ;
Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, PMLR 22:1389-1397, 2012.


We describe the first sub-quadratic sampling algorithm for Multiplicative Attribute Graph Model (MAGM) of Kim and Leskovec (2010). We exploit the close connection between MAGM and the Kronecker Product Graph Model (KPGM) of Leskovec et al. (2010), and show that to sample a graph from a MAGM it suffices to sample small number of KPGM graphs and quilt them together. Under a restricted set of technical conditions, our algorithm runs in $O((\log_2(n))^3 |E|)$ time, where n is the number of nodes and |E| is the number of edges in the sampled graph. We demonstrate the scalability of our algorithm via extensive empirical evaluation; we can sample a MAGM graph with 8 million nodes and 20 billion edges in under 6 hours.

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