An investigation of imitation learning algorithms for structured prediction


Andreas Vlachos ;
Proceedings of the Tenth European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning, PMLR 24:143-154, 2013.


In the imitation learning paradigm algorithms learn from expert demonstrations in order to become able to accomplish a particular task. Daumé III et al. [2009] framed structured prediction in this paradigm and developed the search-based structured prediction algorithm (Searn) which has been applied successfully to various natural language processing tasks with state-of-the-art performance. Recently, Ross et al. [2011] proposed the dataset aggre- gation algorithm (DAgger) and compared it with Searn in sequential prediction tasks. In this paper, we compare these two algorithms in the context of a more complex structured prediction task, namely biomedical event extraction. We demonstrate that DAgger has more stable performance and faster learning than Searn, and that these advantages are more pronounced in the parameter-free versions of the algorithms.

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