ICML Exploration & Exploitation Challenge: Keep it simple!


Olivier Nicol, Jérémie Mary, Philippe Preux ;
Proceedings of the Workshop on On-line Trading of Exploration and Exploitation 2, PMLR 26:62-85, 2012.


Recommendation has become a key feature in the economy of a lot of companies (online shopping, search engines...). There is a lot of work going on regarding recommender systems and there is still a lot to do to improve them. Indeed nowadays in many companies most of the job is done by hand. Moreover even when a supposedly smart recommender system is designed, it is hard to evaluate it without using real audience which obviously involves economic issues. The ICML Exploration & Exploitation challenge is an attempt to make people propose efficient recommendation techniques and particularly focuses on limited computational resources. The challenge also proposes a framework to address the problem of evaluating a recommendation algorithm with real data. We took part in this challenge and achieved the best performances; this paper aims at reporting on this achievement; we also discuss the evaluation process and propose a better one for future challenges of the same kind.

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