Random Sets Approach and its Applications


Vladimir Nikulin ;
Proceedings of the Workshop on the Causation and Prediction Challenge at WCCI 2008, PMLR 3:65-76, 2008.


The random sets approach is heuristic in nature and has been inspired by the growing speed of computations. For example, we can consider a large number of classifiers where any single classifier is based on a relatively small subset of randomly selected features or random sets of features. Using cross-validation we can rank all random sets according to the selected criterion, and use this ranking for further feature selection. Another application of random sets was motivated by the huge imbalanced data, which represent significant problem because the corresponding classifier has a tendency to ignore patterns with smaller representation in the training set. Again, we propose to consider a large number of balanced training subsets where representatives from both patterns are selected randomly. The above models demonstrated competitive results in two data mining competitions.

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