Visual Boundary Prediction: A Deep Neural Prediction Network and Quality Dissection


Jyri Kivinen, Chris Williams, Nicolas Heess ;
Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, PMLR 33:512-521, 2014.


This paper investigates visual boundary detection, i.e. prediction of the presence of a boundary at a given image location. We develop a novel neurally-inspired deep architecture for the task. Notable aspects of our work are (i) the use of “covariance features” [Ranzato and Hinton, 2010] which depend on the \emphsquared response of a filter to the input image, and (ii) the integration of image information from multiple scales and semantic levels via multiple streams of interlinked, layered, and non-linear “deep” processing. Our results on the Berkeley Segmentation Data Set 500 (BSDS500) show comparable or better performance to the top-performing methods [Arbelaez et al., 2011, Ren and Bo, 2012, Lim et al., 2013, Dollár and Zitnick, 2013] with effective inference times. We also propose novel quantitative assessment techniques for improved method understanding and comparison. We carefully dissect the performance of our architecture, feature-types used and training methods, providing clear signals for model understanding and development.

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