Reduction from Cost-Sensitive Multiclass Classification to One-versus-One Binary Classification


Hsuan-Tien Lin ;
Proceedings of the Sixth Asian Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 39:371-386, 2015.


Many real-world applications require varying costs for different types of mis-classification errors. Such a cost-sensitive classification setup can be very different from the regular classification one, especially in the multiclass case. Thus, traditional meta-algorithms for regular multiclass classification, such as the popular one-versus-one approach, may not always work well under the cost-sensitive classification setup. In this paper, we extend the one-versus-one approach to the field of cost-sensitive classification. The extension is derived using a rigorous mathematical tool called the cost-transformation technique, and takes the original one-versus-one as a special case. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed approach can achieve better performance in many cost-sensitive classification scenarios when compared with the original one-versus-one as well as existing cost-sensitive classification algorithms.

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