Learnability of Solutions to Conjunctive Queries: The Full Dichotomy


Hubie Chen, Matthew Valeriote ;
Proceedings of The 28th Conference on Learning Theory, PMLR 40:326-337, 2015.


The problem of learning the solution space of an unknown formula has been studied in multiple embodiments in computational learning theory. In this article, we study a family of such learning problems; this family contains, for each relational structure, the problem of learning the solution space of an unknown conjunctive query evaluated on the structure. A progression of results aimed to classify the learnability of each of the problems in this family, and thus far a culmination thereof was a positive learnability result generalizing all previous ones. This article completes the classification program towards which this progression of results strived, by presenting a negative learnability result that complements the mentioned positive learnability result. In order to obtain our negative result, we make use of universal-algebraic concepts, and our result is phrased in terms of the varietal property of non-congruence modularity.

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