Hierarchical Label Queries with Data-Dependent Partitions


Samory Kpotufe, Ruth Urner, Shai Ben-David ;
Proceedings of The 28th Conference on Learning Theory, PMLR 40:1176-1189, 2015.


Given a joint distribution P_X, Y over a space \Xcal and a label set \Ycal=\braces0, 1, we consider the problem of recovering the labels of an unlabeled sample with as few label queries as possible. The recovered labels can be passed to a passive learner, thus turning the procedure into an active learning approach. We analyze a family of labeling procedures based on a hierarchical clustering of the data. While such labeling procedures have been studied in the past, we provide a new parametrization of P_X, Y that captures their behavior in general low-noise settings, and which accounts for data-dependent clustering, thus providing new theoretical underpinning to practically used tools.

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