Effcient combination of pairwise feature networks


Pau Bellot, Patrick E. Meyer ;
Proceedings of the Neural Connectomics Workshop at ECML 2014, PMLR 46:77-84, 2015.


This paper presents a novel method for the reconstruction of a neural network connectivity using calcium fluorescence data. We introduce a fast unsupervised method to integrate different networks that reconstructs structural connectivity from neuron activity. Our method improves the state-of-the-art reconstruction method General Transfer Entropy (GTE). We are able to better eliminate indirect links, improving therefore the quality of the network via a normalization and ensemble process of GTE and three new informative features. The approach is based on a simple combination of networks, which is remarkably fast. The performance of our approach is benchmarked on simulated time series provided at the connectomics challenge and also submitted at the public competition.

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