Neural Connectivity Reconstruction from Calcium Imaging Signal using Random Forest with Topological Features


Wojciech M. Czarnecki, Rafal Jozefowicz ;
Proceedings of the Neural Connectomics Workshop at ECML 2014, PMLR 46:67-76, 2015.


Connectomics is becoming an increasingly popular area of research. With the recent advances in optical imaging of the neural activity tens of thousands of neurons can be monitored simultaneously. In this paper we present a method of incorporating topological knowledge inside data representation for Random Forest classifier in order to reconstruct the neural connections from patterns of their activities. Proposed technique leads to the model competitive with state-of-the art methods like Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Graph Decomposition techniques. This claim is supported by the results (5th place with 0.003 in terms of AUC ROC loss to the top contestant) obtained in the connectomics competition organized on the Kaggle platform.

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