Random Fourier Features For Operator-Valued Kernels


Romain Brault, Markus Heinonen, Florence Buc ;
Proceedings of The 8th Asian Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 63:110-125, 2016.


Devoted to multi-task learning and structured output learning, operator-valued kernels provide a flexible tool to build vector-valued functions in the context of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces. To scale up these methods, we extend the celebrated Random Fourier Feature methodology to get an approximation of operator-valued kernels. We propose a general principle for Operator-valued Random Fourier Feature construction relying on a generalization of Bochner’s theorem for translation-invariant operator-valued Mercer kernels. We prove the uniform convergence of the kernel approximation for bounded and unbounded operator random Fourier features using appropriate Bernstein matrix concentration inequality. An experimental proof-of-concept shows the quality of the approximation and the efficiency of the corresponding linear models on example datasets.

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