Re-revisiting Learning on Hypergraphs: Confidence Interval and Subgradient Method


Chenzi Zhang, Shuguang Hu, Zhihao Gavin Tang, T-H. Hubert Chan ;
Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 70:4026-4034, 2017.


We revisit semi-supervised learning on hypergraphs. Same as previous approaches, our method uses a convex program whose objective function is not everywhere differentiable. We exploit the non-uniqueness of the optimal solutions, and consider confidence intervals which give the exact ranges that unlabeled vertices take in any optimal solution. Moreover, we give a much simpler approach for solving the convex program based on the subgradient method. Our experiments on real-world datasets confirm that our confidence interval approach on hypergraphs outperforms existing methods, and our sub-gradient method gives faster running times when the number of vertices is much larger than the number of edges.

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