Semi-supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Identifying Wi-Fi Interference Sources


Krista Longi, Teemu Pulkkinen, Arto Klami ;
Proceedings of the Ninth Asian Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 77:391-406, 2017.


We present a convolutional neural network for identifying radio frequency devices from signal data, in order to detect possible interference sources for wireless local area networks. Collecting training data for this problem is particularly challenging due to a high number of possible interfering devices, difficulty in obtaining precise timings, and the need to measure the devices in varying conditions. To overcome this challenge we focus on semi-supervised learning, aiming to minimize the need for reliable training samples while utilizing larger amounts of unsupervised labels to improve the accuracy. In particular, we propose a novel structured extension of the pseudo-label technique to take advantage of temporal continuity in the data and show that already a few seconds of training data for each device is sufficient for highly accurate recognition.

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