Efficient Hierarchical Robot Motion Planning Under Uncertainty and Hybrid Dynamics


Ajinkya Jain, Scott Niekum ;
Proceedings of The 2nd Conference on Robot Learning, PMLR 87:757-766, 2018.


Noisy observations coupled with nonlinear dynamics pose one of the biggestchallengesinrobotmotionplanning. Bydecomposingnonlineardynamics into a discrete set of local dynamics models, hybrid dynamics provide a natural way to model nonlinear dynamics, especially in systems with sudden discontinuities in dynamics due to factors such as contacts. We propose a hierarchical POMDP planner that develops cost-optimized motion plans for hybrid dynamics models. The hierarchical planner first develops a high-level motion plan to sequence the local dynamics models to be visited and then converts it into a detailed continuous state plan. This hierarchical planning approach results in a decomposition of the POMDP planning problem into smaller sub-parts that can be solved with significantly lower computational costs. The ability to sequence the visitation of local dynamics models also provides a powerful way to leverage the hybrid dynamics to reduce state uncertainty. We evaluate the proposed planner on a navigation task in the simulated domain and on an assembly task with a robotic manipulator, showing that our approach can solve tasks having high observation noise and nonlinear dynamics effectively with significantly lower computational costs compared to direct planning approaches.

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