A Unified Weight Learning Paradigm for Multi-view Learning


Lai Tian, Feiping Nie, Xuelong Li ;
Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, PMLR 89:2790-2800, 2019.


Learning a set of weights to combine views linearly forms a series of popular schemes in multi-view learning. Three weight learning paradigms, i.e., Norm Regularization (NR), Exponential Decay (ED), and p-th Root Loss (pRL), are widely used in the literature, while the relations between them and the limiting behaviors of them are not well understood yet. In this paper, we present a Unified Paradigm (UP) that contains the aforementioned three popular paradigms as special cases. Specifically, we extend the domain of hyper-parameters of NR from positive to real numbers and show this extension bridges NR, ED, and pRL. Besides, we provide detailed discussion on the weights sparsity, hyper-parameter setting, and counterintuitive limiting behavior of these paradigms. Furthermore, we show the generality of our technique with examples in Multi-Task Learning and Fuzzy Clustering. Our results may provide insights to understand existing algorithms better and inspire research on new weight learning schemes. Numerical results support our theoretical analysis.

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