TibGM: A Transferable and Information-Based Graphical Model Approach for Reinforcement Learning


Tameem Adel, Adrian Weller ;
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 97:71-81, 2019.


One of the challenges to reinforcement learning (RL) is scalable transferability among complex tasks. Incorporating a graphical model (GM), along with the rich family of related methods, as a basis for RL frameworks provides potential to address issues such as transferability, generalisation and exploration. Here we propose a flexible GM-based RL framework which leverages efficient inference procedures to enhance generalisation and transfer power. In our proposed transferable and information-based graphical model framework ‘TibGM’, we show the equivalence between our mutual information-based objective in the GM, and an RL consolidated objective consisting of a standard reward maximisation target and a generalisation/transfer objective. In settings where there is a sparse or deceptive reward signal, our TibGM framework is flexible enough to incorporate exploration bonuses depicting intrinsic rewards. We empirically verify improved performance and exploration power.

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