Collective Model Fusion for Multiple Black-Box Experts


Minh Hoang, Nghia Hoang, Bryan Kian Hsiang Low, Carleton Kingsford ;
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 97:2742-2750, 2019.


Model fusion is a fundamental problem in collec-tive machine learning (ML) where independentexperts with heterogeneous learning architecturesare required to combine expertise to improve pre-dictive performance. This is particularly chal-lenging in information-sensitive domains whereexperts do not have access to each other’s internalarchitecture and local data. This paper presentsthe first collective model fusion framework formultiple experts with heterogeneous black-box ar-chitectures. The proposed method will enable thisby addressing the key issues of how black-boxexperts interact to understand the predictive be-haviors of one another; how these understandingscan be represented and shared efficiently amongthemselves; and how the shared understandingscan be combined to generate high-quality consen-sus prediction. The performance of the resultingframework is analyzed theoretically and demon-strated empirically on several datasets.

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