Volume 69: Medical Informatics and Healthcare, 14 August 2017,


Editors: Samah Fodeh, Daniela Stan Raicu


Leveraging Twitter to better identify suicide risk

Samah Fodeh, Joseph Goulet, Cynthia Brandt, Al-Talib Hamada; PMLR 69:1-7

An Integrated Database and Smart Search Tool for Medical Knowledge Extraction from Radiology Teaching Files

Priya Deshpande, Alexander Rasin, Eli Brown, Jacob Furst, Daniela Raicu, Steven Montner, Samuel Armato III; PMLR 69:10-18

Towards a reliable prediction of conversion from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s Disease: stepwise learning using time windows

Telma Pereira, Alexandre Mendon\ca, Francisco Ferreira, Sara Madeira, Manuela Guerreiro; PMLR 69:19-26

Predicting Annual Length-Of-Stay and its Impact on Health

Alvaro Riascos, Natalia Serna; PMLR 69:27-34

Automatic Classification of Critical Findings in Radiology Reports

Aditya Tiwari, Samah Fodeh, Steven Baccei, Max Rosen; PMLR 69:35-39

Visualizing Deep Learning Activations for Improved Malaria Cell Classification

Rajaraman Sivaramakrishnan, Sameer Antani, Stefan Jaeger; PMLR 69:40-47

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