Volume 93: International Conference on Grammatical Inference, 5-7 September 2018,


Editors: Olgierd Unold, Witold Dyrka, Wojciech Wieczorek


International Conference on Grammatical Inference 2018: Preface

Olgierd Unold, Witold Dyrka, Wojciech Wieczorek; PMLR 93:1-2

Decision problems for Clark-congruential languages

Makoto Kanazawa, Tobias Kappé; PMLR 93:3-16

Inferring DFA without Negative Examples

Florent Avellaneda, Alexandre Petrenko; PMLR 93:17-29

Using Adaptive Sequences for Learning Non-Resettable FSMs

Roland Groz, Nicolas Bremond, Adenilso Simao; PMLR 93:30-43

Suffix Classification Trees

Wojciech Wieczorek, Olgierd Unold, Łukasz Strąk; PMLR 93:44-53

Learning Product Automata

Joshua Moerman; PMLR 93:54-66

Learning reduplication with 2-way finite-state transducers

Hossep Dolatian, Jeffrey Heinz; PMLR 93:67-80

Explaining Black Boxes on Sequential Data using Weighted Automata

Stéphane Ayache, Rémi Eyraud, Noé Goudian; PMLR 93:81-103

Learning Graph Weighted Models on Pictures

Philip Amortila, Guillaume Rabusseau; PMLR 93:104-117

How to measure the topological quality of protein parse trees?

Mateusz Pyzik, François Coste, Witold Dyrka; PMLR 93:118-138

Inferring Program Extensions from Traces

Roman Manevich, Sharon Shoham; PMLR 93:139-154

Learning local substitutable context-free languages from positive examples in polynomial time and data by reduction

François Coste, Jacques Nicolas; PMLR 93:155-168

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