Volume 10: Feature Selection in Data Mining, 21 June 2010, Hyderabad, India


Editors: Huan Liu, Hiroshi Motoda, Rudy Setiono, Zheng Zhao





Huan Liu, Hiroshi Motoda, Rudy Setiono, Zheng Zhao ; PMLR 10:1-3

Accepted Papers

Feature Selection: An Ever Evolving Frontier in Data Mining

Huan Liu, Hiroshi Motoda, Rudy Setiono, Zheng Zhao ; PMLR 10:4-13

Feature Selection, Association Rules Network and Theory Building

Sanjay Chawla ; PMLR 10:14-21

A Statistical Implicative Analysis Based Algorithm and MMPC Algorithm for Detecting Multiple Dependencies

Elham Salehi, Jayashree Nyayachavadi, Robin Gras ; PMLR 10:22-34

Attribute Selection Based on FRiS-Compactness

Nikolay Zagoruiko, Irina Borisova, Vladimir Dyubanov, Olga Kutnenko ; PMLR 10:35-44

Effective Wrapper-Filter hybridization through GRASP Schemata

Mohamed Amir Esseghir ; PMLR 10:45-54

Feature Extraction for Machine Learning: Logic-Probabilistic Approach

Vladimir Gorodetsky, Vladimir Samoylov ; PMLR 10:55-65

Feature Extraction for Outlier Detection in High-Dimensional Spaces

Hoang Vu Nguyen, Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan ; PMLR 10:66-75

Feature Selection for Text Classification Based on Gini Coefficient of Inequality

Ranbir Sanasam, Hema Murthy, Timothy Gonsalves ; PMLR 10:76-85

Increasing Feature Selection Accuracy for L1 Regularized Linear Models

Abhishek Jaiantilal, Gregory Grudic ; PMLR 10:86-96

Learning Dissimilarities for Categorical Symbols

Jierui Xie, Boleslaw Szymanski, Mohammed Zaki ; PMLR 10:97-106

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