On the Rate of Convergence and Error Bounds for LSTD(λ)


Manel Tagorti, Bruno Scherrer ;
Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 37:1521-1529, 2015.


We consider LSTD(λ), the least-squares temporal-difference algorithm with eligibility traces algorithm proposed by Boyan (2002). It computes a linear approximation of the value function of a fixed policy in a large Markov Decision Process. Under a β-mixing assumption, we derive, for any value of λ∈(0,1), a high-probability bound on the rate of convergence of this algorithm to its limit. We deduce a high-probability bound on the error of this algorithm, that extends (and slightly improves) that derived by Lazaric et al. (2012) in the specific case where λ=0. In the context of temporal-difference algorithms with value function approximation, this analysis is to our knowledge the first to provide insight on the choice of the eligibility-trace parameter λwith respect to the approximation quality of the space and the number of samples.

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