Low Rank Matrix Completion with Exponential Family Noise


Jean Lafond ;
Proceedings of The 28th Conference on Learning Theory, PMLR 40:1224-1243, 2015.


The matrix completion problem consists in reconstructing a matrix from a sample of entries, possibly observed with noise. A popular class of estimator, known as nuclear norm penalized estimators, are based on minimizing the sum of a data fitting term and a nuclear norm penalization. Here, we investigate the case where the noise distribution belongs to the exponential family and is sub-exponential. Our framework allows for a general sampling scheme. We first consider an estimator defined as the minimizer of the sum of a log-likelihood term and a nuclear norm penalization and prove an upper bound on the Frobenius prediction risk. The rate obtained improves on previous works on matrix completion for exponential family. When the sampling distribution is known, we propose another estimator and prove an oracle inequality \em w.r.t. the Kullback-Leibler prediction risk, which translates immediately into an upper bound on the Frobenius prediction risk. Finally, we show that all the rates obtained are minimax optimal up to a logarithmic factor.

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