FEAST at Play: Feature ExtrAction using Score function Tensors


Majid Janzamin, Hanie Sedghi, U.N. Niranjan, Animashree Anandkumar ;
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Feature Extraction: Modern Questions and Challenges at NIPS 2015, PMLR 44:130-144, 2015.


Feature learning forms the cornerstone for tackling challenging learning problems in domains such as speech, computer vision and natural language processing. In this paper, we build upon a novel framework called FEAST(Feature ExtrAction using Score function Tensors) which incorporates generative models for discriminative learning. FEAST considers a novel class of matrix and tensor-valued feature transform, which can be pre-trained using unlabeled samples. It uses an efficient algorithm for extracting discriminative information, given these pre-trained features and labeled samples for any related task. The class of features it adopts are based on higher-order score functions, which capture local variations in the probability density function of the input. We employ efficient spectral decomposition algorithms (on matrices and tensors) for extracting discriminative components. The advantage of employing tensor-valued features is that we can extract richer discriminative information in the form of overcomplete representations (where number of discriminative features is greater than input dimension). In this paper, we provide preliminary experiment results on real datasets.

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