No-Regret Algorithms for Heavy-Tailed Linear Bandits


Andres Munoz Medina, Scott Yang ;
Proceedings of The 33rd International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 48:1642-1650, 2016.


We analyze the problem of linear bandits under heavy tailed noise. Most of of the work on linear bandits has been based on the assumption of bounded or sub-Gaussian noise. However, this assumption is often violated in common scenarios such as financial markets. We present two algorithms to tackle this problem: one based on dynamic truncation and one based on a median of means estimator. We show that, when the noise admits admits only a 1 + εmoment, these algorithms are still able to achieve regret in \widetildeO(T^\frac2 + ε2(1 + ε)) and \widetildeO(T^\frac1+ 2ε1 + 3 ε) respectively. In particular, they guarantee sublinear regret as long as the noise has finite variance. We also present empirical results showing that our algorithms achieve a better performance than the current state of the art for bounded noise when the L_∞bound on the noise is large yet the 1 + εmoment of the noise is small.

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