Bayesian Matrix Factorization with Non-Random Missing Data using Informative Gaussian Process Priors and Soft Evidences


Bence Bolgár, Péter Antal ;
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models, PMLR 52:25-36, 2016.


We propose an extended Bayesian matrix factorization method, which can incorporate multiple sources of side information, combine multiple \empha priori estimates for the missing data and integrates a flexible missing not at random submodel. The model is formalized as probabilistic graphical model and a corresponding Gibbs sampling scheme is derived to perform unrestricted inference. We discuss the application of the method for completing drug–target interaction matrices, also discussing specialties in this domain. Using real-world drug–target interaction data, the performance of the method is compared against both a general Bayesian matrix factorization method and a specific one developed for drug–target interaction prediction. Results demonstrate the advantages of the extended model.

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