Volume 52: Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models, 6-9 September 2016, Lugano, Switzerland


Editors: Alessandro Antonucci, Giorgio Corani, Cassio Polpo Campos}




Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models

Alessandro Antonucci, Giorgio Corani, Cassio Polpo Campos; PMLR 52:i-iv

Accepted Papers

Regime Aware Learning

Marcus Bendtsen; PMLR 52:1-12

Learning Tractable Multidimensional Bayesian Network Classifiers

Marco Benjumeda, Concha Bielza, Pedro Larrañaga; PMLR 52:13-24

Bayesian Matrix Factorization with Non-Random Missing Data using Informative Gaussian Process Priors and Soft Evidences

Bence Bolgár, Péter Antal; PMLR 52:25-36

Bayesian Networks: a Combined Tuning Heuristic

Janneke H. Bolt; PMLR 52:37-49

Learning Complex Uncertain States Changes via Asymmetric Hidden Markov Models: an Industrial Case

Marcos L.P. Bueno, Arjen Hommersom, Peter J.F. Lucas, Sicco Verwer, Alexis Linard; PMLR 52:50-61

On Bayesian Network Inference with Simple Propagation

Cory J. Butz, Jhonatan S. Oliveira, André E. dos Santos, Anders L. Madsen; PMLR 52:62-73

Relevant Path Separation: A Faster Method for Testing Independencies in Bayesian Networks

Cory J. Butz, André E. dos Santos, Jhonatan S. Oliveira; PMLR 52:74-85

Conditional Probability Estimation

Marco E. G. V. Cattaneo; PMLR 52:86-97

On Pruning with the MDL Score

Eunice Yuh-Jie Chen, Arthur Choi, Adnan Darwiche; PMLR 52:98-109

Probabilistic Graphical Models Specified by Probabilistic Logic Programs: Semantics and Complexity

Fabio Gagliardi Cozman, Denis Deratani Mauá; PMLR 52:110-122

Reintroducing Credal Networks under Epistemic Irrelevance

Jasper De Bock; PMLR 52:123-135

Bayesian Torrent Classification by File Name and Size Only

Eugene Dementiev, Norman Fenton; PMLR 52:136-146

Multi-Label Classification with Cutset Networks

Nicola Di Mauro, Antonio Vergari, Floriana Esposito; PMLR 52:147-158

Statistical Matching of Discrete Data by Bayesian Networks

Eva Endres, Thomas Augustin; PMLR 52:159-170

An Exact Approach to Learning Probabilistic Relational Model

Nourhene Ettouzi, Philippe Leray, Montassar Ben Messaoud; PMLR 52:171-182

Identifying the irreducible disjoint factors of a multivariate probability distribution

Maxime Gasse, Alex Aussem; PMLR 52:183-194

On Stacking Probabilistic Temporal Models with Bidirectional Information Flow

Thomas Geier, Michael Glodek, Georg Layher, Heiko Neumann, Susanne Biundo, Günther Palm; PMLR 52:195-206

A Differential Approach to Causality in Staged Trees

Christiane Görgen, Jim Q. Smith; PMLR 52:207-215

Causal Discovery from Subsampled Time Series Data by Constraint Optimization

Antti Hyttinen, Sergey Plis, Matti Järvisalo, Frederick Eberhardt, David Danks; PMLR 52:216-227

Online Algorithms for Sum-Product Networks with Continuous Variables

Priyank Jaini, Abdullah Rashwan, Han Zhao, Yue Liu, Ershad Banijamali, Zhitang Chen, Pascal Poupart; PMLR 52:228-239

Hybrid Copula Bayesian Networks

Kiran Karra, Lamine Mili; PMLR 52:240-251

Making Large Cox’s Proportional Hazard Models Tractable in Bayesian Networks

Jidapa Kraisangka, Marek J. Druzdzel; PMLR 52:252-263

The Parameterized Complexity of Approximate Inference in Bayesian Networks

Johan Kwisthout; PMLR 52:264-274

A Progressive Explanation of Inference in ‘Hybrid’ Bayesian Networks for Supporting Clinical Decision Making

Evangelia Kyrimi, William Marsh; PMLR 52:275-286

Learning Parameters of Hybrid Time Bayesian Networks

Manxia Liu, Arjen Hommersom, Maarten van der Heijden, Peter J.F. Lucas; PMLR 52:287-298

Estimating Causal Effects with Ancestral Graph Markov Models

Daniel Malinsky, Peter Spirtes; PMLR 52:299-309

Joint Bayesian Modelling of Internal Dependencies and Relevant Multimorbidities of a Heterogeneous Disease

Péter Marx, András Millinghoffer, Gabriella Juhász, Péter Antal; PMLR 52:310-320

d-VMP: Distributed Variational Message Passing

Andrés R. Masegosa, Ana M. Martı́nez, Helge Langseth, Thomas D. Nielsen, Antonio Salmerón, Darío Ramos-López, Anders L. Madsen; PMLR 52:321-332

The Effect of Combination Functions on the Complexity of Relational Bayesian Networks

Denis Deratani Mauá, Fabio Gagliardi Cozman; PMLR 52:333-344

Dynamic Sum Product Networks for Tractable Inference on Sequence Data

Mazen Melibari, Pascal Poupart, Prashant Doshi, George Trimponias; PMLR 52:345-355

Regression Methods Applied to Flight Variables for Situational Awareness Estimation Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks

Carlos Morales, Serafín Moral; PMLR 52:356-367

A Hybrid Causal Search Algorithm for Latent Variable Models

Juan Miguel Ogarrio, Peter Spirtes, Joe Ramsey; PMLR 52:368-379

Bayesian Networks for Variable Groups

Pekka Parviainen, Samuel Kaski; PMLR 52:380-391

Learning Acyclic Directed Mixed Graphs from Observations and Interventions

Jose M. Peña; PMLR 52:392-402

Student Skill Models in Adaptive Testing

Martin Plajner, Jiří Vomlel; PMLR 52:403-414

Scalable MAP inference in Bayesian networks based on a Map-Reduce approach

Darı́o Ramos-López, Antonio Salmerón, Rafel Rumı́, Ana M. Martı́nez, Thomas D. Nielsen, Andrés R. Masegosa, Helge Langseth, Anders L. Madsen; PMLR 52:415-425

Evidence Evaluation: a Study of Likelihoods and Independence

Silja Renooij; PMLR 52:426-437

An Empirical-Bayes Score for Discrete Bayesian Networks

Marco Scutari; PMLR 52:438-448

Estimating Mutual Information in Under-Reported Variables

Konstantinos Sechidis, Matthew Sperrin, Emily Petherick, Gavin Brown; PMLR 52:449-461

Decisions and Dependence in Influence Diagrams

Ross D. Shachter; PMLR 52:462-473

Exact Inference on Conditional Linear Γ-Gaussian Bayesian Networks

Ivar Simonsson, Petter Mostad; PMLR 52:474-486

Computing Lower and Upper Bounds on the Probability of Causal Statements

Elena Sokolova, Martine Hoogman, Perry Groot, Tom Claassen, Tom Heskes; PMLR 52:487-498

The Chordal Graph Polytope for Learning Decomposable Models

Milan Studený, James Cussens; PMLR 52:499-510

A Genetic Algorithm for Learning Parameters in Bayesian Networks using Expectation Maximization

Priya Krishnan Sundararajan, Ole J. Mengshoel; PMLR 52:511-522

On Construction of Hybrid Logistic Regression-Naïve Bayes Model for Classification

Yi Tan, Prakash P. Shenoy, Moses W. Chan, Paul M. Romberg; PMLR 52:523-534

Compressing Bayes Net CPTs with Persistent Leaky Causes

Yang Xiang, Qian Jiang; PMLR 52:535-546

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