Fast Collaborative Filtering from Implicit Feedback with Provable Guarantees


Sayantan Dasgupta ;
Proceedings of The 8th Asian Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 63:206-221, 2016.


Building recommendation algorithm is one of the most challenging tasks in Machine Learning. Although most of the recommendation systems are built on explicit feedback available from the users in terms of rating or text, a majority of the applications do not receive such feedback. Here we consider the recommendation task where the only available data is the records of user-item interaction over web applications over time, in terms of subscription or purchase of items; this is known as implicit feedback recommendation. There is usually a massive amount of such user-item interaction available for any web applications. Algorithms like PLSI or Matrix Factorization runs several iterations through the dataset and may prove very expensive for large datasets. Here we propose a recommendation algorithm based on Method of Moment, which involves factorization of second and third order moments of the dataset. Our algorithm can be proven to be globally convergent using PAC learning theory. Further, we show how to extract the parameters using only three passes through the entire dataset. This results in a highly scalable algorithm that scales up to million of users even on a machine with a single-core processor and 8 GB RAM and produces competitive performance in comparison with existing algorithms.

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