Multiple Clustering Views from Multiple Uncertain Experts


Yale Chang, Junxiang Chen, Michael H. Cho, Peter J. Castaldi, Edwin K. Silverman, Jennifer G. Dy ;
Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 70:674-683, 2017.


Expert input can improve clustering performance. In today’s collaborative environment, the availability of crowdsourced multiple expert input is becoming common. Given multiple experts’ inputs, most existing approaches can only discover one clustering structure. However, data is multi-faced by nature and can be clustered in different ways (also known as views). In an exploratory analysis problem where ground truth is not known, different experts may have diverse views on how to cluster data. In this paper, we address the problem on how to automatically discover multiple ways to cluster data given potentially diverse inputs from multiple uncertain experts. We propose a novel Bayesian probabilistic model that automatically learns the multiple expert views and the clustering structure associated with each view. The benefits of learning the experts’ views include 1) enabling the discovery of multiple diverse clustering structures, and 2) improving the quality of clustering solution in each view by assigning higher weights to experts with higher confidence. In our approach, the expert views, multiple clustering structures and expert confidences are jointly learned via variational inference. Experimental results on synthetic datasets, benchmark datasets and a real-world disease subtyping problem show that our proposed approach outperforms competing baselines, including meta clustering, semi-supervised clustering, semi-crowdsourced clustering and consensus clustering.

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