Supervised Dimension Reduction Using Bayesian Mixture Modeling


Kai Mao, Feng Liang, Sayan Mukherjee ;
Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, PMLR 9:501-508, 2010.


We develop a Bayesian framework for supervised dimension reduction using a flexible nonparametric Bayesian mixture modeling approach. Our method retrieves the dimension reduction or d.r. subspace by utilizing a dependent Dirichlet process that allows for natural clustering for the data in terms of both the response and predictor variables. Formal probabilistic models with likelihoods and priors are given and efficient posterior sampling of the d.r. subspace can be obtained by a Gibbs sampler. As the posterior draws are linear subspaces which are points on a Grassmann manifold, we output the posterior mean d.r. subspace with respect to geodesics on the Grassmannian. The utility of our approach is illustrated on a set of simulated and real examples. Some Key Words: supervised dimension reduction, inverse regression, Dirichlet process, factor models, Grassman manifold.

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