Volume 47: Statistically Sound Data Mining, 15 September 2014, Nancy, France


Editors: Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen, François Petitjean, I. Webb




Preface to the 1st ECML/PKDD workshop on Statistically Sound Data Mining

Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen, François Petitjean, Geoffrey I. Webb; PMLR 47:1-2

Accepted Papers

Look before you leap: Some insights into learner evaluation with cross-validation

Gitte Vanwinckelen, Hendrik Blockeel; PMLR 47:3-20

A Critical View on Automatic Significance-Filtering in Pattern Mining

Florian Lemmerich, Frank Puppe; PMLR 47:21-27

Statistically significant subgraphs for genome-wide association study

Jun Sese, Aika Terada, Yuki Saito, Koji Tsuda; PMLR 47:29-36

U-statistics on network-structured data with kernels of degree larger than one

Yuyi Wang, Christos Pelekis, Jan Ramon; PMLR 47:37-48

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