Volume 14: Proceedings of the Learning to Rank Challenge, 25 June 2010, Haifa, Israel


Editors: Olivier Chapelle, Yi Chang, Tie-Yan Liu




Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge Overview

O. Chapelle, Y. Chang ; PMLR 14:1-24

Contributed Papers


Future directions in learning to rank

O. Chapelle, Y. Chang, T.-Y. Liu ; PMLR 14:91-100

Learning to Rank Using an Ensemble of Lambda-Gradient Models

C. Burges, K. Svore, P. Bennett, A. Pastusiak, Q. Wu ; PMLR 14:25-35

Ranking by calibrated AdaBoost

R. Busa-Fekete, B. Kégl, T. Éltető, G. Szarvas ; PMLR 14:37-48

Learning to rank with extremely randomized trees

P. Geurts, G. Louppe ; PMLR 14:49-61

Winning The Transfer Learning Track of Yahoo!’s Learning To Rank Challenge with YetiRank

A. Gulin, I. Kuralenok, D. Pavlov ; PMLR 14:63-76

Web-Search Ranking with Initialized Gradient Boosted Regression Trees

A. Mohan, Z. Chen, K. Weinberger ; PMLR 14:77-89

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