Structured Prediction of Network Response


Hongyu Su, Aristides Gionis, Juho Rousu ;
Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 32(2):442-450, 2014.


We introduce the following network response problem: given a complex network and an action, predict the subnetwork that responds to action, that is, which nodes perform the action and which directed edges relay the action to the adjacent nodes. We approach the problem through max-margin structured learning, in which a compatibility score is learned between the actions and their activated subnetworks. Thus, unlike the most popular influence network approaches, our method, called SPIN, is context-sensitive, namely, the presence, the direction and the dynamics of influences depend on the properties of the actions. The inference problems of finding the highest scoring as well as the worst margin violating networks, are proven to be NP-hard. To solve the problems, we present an approximate inference method through a semi-definite programming relaxation (SDP), as well as a more scalable greedy heuristic algorithm. In our experiments, we demonstrate that taking advantage of the context given by the actions and the network structure leads SPIN to a markedly better predictive performance over competing methods.

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