Volume 46: Neural Connectomics Workshop, 15 September 2014,


Editors: Demian Battaglia, Isabelle Guyon, Vincent Lemaire, Jordi Soriano


First Connectomics Challenge: From Imaging to Connectivity

Javier G. Orlandi, Bisakha Ray, Demian Battaglia, Isabelle Guyon, Vincent Lemaire, Mehreen Saeed, Alexander Statnikov, Olav Stetter, Jordi Soriano ; PMLR 46:1-22

Simple Connectome Inference from Partial Correlation Statistics in Calcium Imaging

Antonio Sutera, Arnaud Joly, Vincent Francois-Lavet, Aaron Qiu, Gilles Louppe, Damien Ernst, Pierre Geurts ; PMLR 46:23-35

Supervised Neural Network Structure Recovery

Ildefons Magrans de Abril, Ann Nowé ; PMLR 46:37-44

Signal Correlation Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Lukasz Romaszko ; PMLR 46:45-56

Reconstruction of Excitatory Neuronal Connectivity via Metric Score Pooling and Regularization

Chenyang Tao, Wei Lin, Jianfeng Feng ; PMLR 46:57-66

Neural Connectivity Reconstruction from Calcium Imaging Signal using Random Forest with Topological Features

Wojciech M. Czarnecki, Rafal Jozefowicz ; PMLR 46:67-76

Effcient combination of pairwise feature networks

Pau Bellot, Patrick E. Meyer ; PMLR 46:77-84

Predicting Spiking Activities in DLS Neurons with Linear-Nonlinear-Poisson Model

Sisi Ma, David J. Barker ; PMLR 46:85-92

SuperSlicing Frame Restoration for Anisotropic ssTEM and Video Data

Dmitry Laptev, Joachim M. Buhmann ; PMLR 46:93-103

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