Riemannian stochastic quasi-Newton algorithm with variance reduction and its convergence analysis


Hiroyuki Kasai, Hiroyuki Sato, Bamdev Mishra ;
Proceedings of the Twenty-First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, PMLR 84:269-278, 2018.


Stochastic variance reduction algorithms have recently become popular for minimizing the average of a large, but finite number of loss functions. The present paper proposes a Riemannian stochastic quasi-Newton algorithm with variance reduction (R-SQN-VR). The key challenges of averaging, adding, and subtracting multiple gradients are addressed with notions of retraction and vector transport. We present convergence analyses of R-SQN-VR on both non-convex and retraction-convex functions under retraction and vector transport operators. The proposed algorithm is evaluated on the Karcher mean computation on the symmetric positive-definite manifold and the low-rank matrix completion on the Grassmann manifold. In all cases, the proposed algorithm outperforms the state-of-the-art Riemannian batch and stochastic gradient algorithms.

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