Volume 55: NIPS 2016 Time Series Workshop, 09 December 2016, Barcelona, Spain


Editors: Oren Anava, Azadeh Khaleghi, Marco Cuturi, Vitaly Kuznetsov, Alexander Rakhlin


Trading Bitcoin and Online Time Series Prediction

Muhammad Amjad, Devavrat Shah; PMLR 55:1-15

Sparse and Smooth Adjustments for Coherent Forecasts in Temporal Aggregation of Time Series

Souhaib Ben Taieb; PMLR 55:16-26

Influential Node Detection in Implicit Social Networks using Multi-task Gaussian Copula Models

Qunwei Li, Bhavya Kailkhura, Jayaraman Thiagarajan, Zhenliang Zhang, Pramod Varshney; PMLR 55:27-37

SSH (Sketch, Shingle, & Hash) for Indexing Massive-Scale Time Series

Chen Luo, Anshumali Shrivastava; PMLR 55:38-58

Exploring and measuring non-linear correlations: Copulas, Lightspeed Transportation and Clustering

Gautier Marti, S├ębastien Andler, Frank Nielsen, Philippe Donnat; PMLR 55:59-69

A central limit theorem with application to inference in ╬▒-stable regression models

Marina Riabiz, Tohid Ardeshiri, Simon Godsill; PMLR 55:70-82

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