Volume 18: Proceedings of KDD Cup 2011, 21 August 2011,


Editors: Gideon Dror, Yehuda Koren, Markus Weimer




The Yahoo! Music Dataset and KDD-Cup’11

G. Dror, N. Koenigstein, Y. Koren, M. Weimer ; PMLR 18:3-18

Track 1

A Linear Ensemble of Individual and Blended Modelsfor Music Rating Prediction

P.-L. Chen al ; PMLR 18:21-60

Collaborative Filtering Ensemble

M. Jahrer, A. Töscher ; PMLR 18:61-74

Rating Prediction with Informative Ensemble of Multi-Resolution Dynamic Models

Z. Zheng, T. Chen, N. Liu, Q. Yang, Y. Yu ; PMLR 18:75-97

Track 2

Novel Models and Ensemble Techniques to Discriminate Favorite Items from Unrated Ones for Personalized Music Recommendation

Todd G. McKenzie, Chun-Sung Ferng, Yao-Nan Chen, Chun-Liang Li, Cheng-Hao Tsai, Kuan-Wei Wu, Ya-Hsuan Chang, Chung-Yi Li, Wei-Shih Lin, Shu-Hao Yu, Chieh-Yen Lin, Po-Wei Wang, Chia-Mau Ni, Wei-Lun Su, Tsung-Ting Kuo, Chen-Tse Tsai, Po-Lung Chen, Rong-Bing Chiu, Ku-Chun Chou, Yu-Cheng Chou, Chien-Chih Wang, Chen-Hung Wu, Hsuan-Tien Lin, Chih-Jen Lin, Shou-De Lin ; PMLR 18:101-135

Hybrid Recommendation Models for Binary User Preference Prediction Problem

S. Lai, Y. Liu, H. Gu, L. Xu, K. Liu, S. Xiang, J. Zhao, R. Diao, L. Xiang, H. Li, D. Wang ; PMLR 18:137-151

Collaborative Filtering Ensemble for Ranking

Michael Jahrer, Andreas Töscher ; PMLR 18:153-167

Taxonomy-Informed Latent Factor Models for Implicit Feedback

A. Mnih ; PMLR 18:169-181

Feature Engineering in User’s Music Preference Prediction

J. Xie, S. Leishman, L. Tian, D. Lisuk, S. Koo, M. Blume ; PMLR 18:183-197

Combining Predictors for Recommending Music:the False Positives’ approach to KDD Cup track 2

S. Balakrishnan al ; PMLR 18:199-213

Committee Based Prediction System for Recommendation: KDD Cup 2011, Track2

H. Zhang, E. Riedl, V. Petrushin, S. Pal, J. Spoelstra ; PMLR 18:215-229

Personalized Ranking for Non-Uniformly Sampled Items

Z. Gantner, L. Drumond, C. Freudenthaler, L. Schmidt-Thieme ; PMLR 18:231-247

The Love-Hate Square Counting Method for Recommender Systems

J.S. Kong, K. Teague, J. Kessler ; PMLR 18:249-261

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