Volume 71: KDD 2017 Workshop on Anomaly Detection in Finance, 14 August 2017,


Editors: Archana Anandakrishnan, Senthil Kumar, Alexander Statnikov, Tanveer Faruquie, Di Xu




Anomaly Detection in Finance: Editors’ Introduction

Archana Anandakrishnan, Senthil Kumar, Alexander Statnikov, Tanveer Faruquie, Di Xu; PMLR 71:1-7

Invited Papers

Uncovering Unknown Unknowns in Financial Services Big Data by Unsupervised Methodologies: Present and Future trends

Gil Shabat, David Segev, Amir Averbuch; PMLR 71:8-19

Analytical Techniques for Anomaly Detection Through Features, Signal-Noise Separation and Partial-Value Association

Nong Ye; PMLR 71:20-32

Contributed Papers

Spotlighting Anomalies using Frequent Patterns

Jaroslav Kuchar, Vojtech Svatek; PMLR 71:33-42

Ensemble-Based Anomaly Detetction using Cooperative Learning

Rasha F. Kashef; PMLR 71:43-55

Real-time anomaly detection system for time series at scale

Meir Toledano, Ira Cohen, Yonatan Ben-Simhon, Inbal Tadeski; PMLR 71:56-65

Collective Fraud Detection Capturing Inter-Transaction Dependency

Bokai Cao, Mia Mao, Siim Viidu, Philip Yu; PMLR 71:66-75

PD-FDS: Purchase Density based Online Credit Card Fraud Detection System

Youngjoon Ki, Ji Won Yoon; PMLR 71:76-84

Fraud Detection with Density Estimation Trees

Parikshit Ram, Alexander G. Gray; PMLR 71:85-94

An Automated System for Data Attribute Anomaly Detection

David Love, Nalin Aggarwal, Alexander Statnikov, Chao Yuan; PMLR 71:95-101

Binned Kernels for Anomaly Detection in Multi-timescale Data using Gaussian Processes

Matthew Adelsberg, Christian Schwantes; PMLR 71:102-113

Deep Learning to Detect Medical Treatment Fraud

Daniel Lasaga, Prakash Santhana; PMLR 71:114-120

Sleuthing for adverse outcomes: Using anomaly detection to identify unusual behaviors of third-party agents

Michelle Miller, Robert Cezeaux; PMLR 71:121-125

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