Volume 85: Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference, 17-18 August 2018, Palo Alto, California


Editors: Finale Doshi-Velez, Jim Fackler, Ken Jung, David Kale, Rajesh Ranganath, Byron Wallace, Jenna Wiens


Boosted Trees for Risk Prognosis

Alexis Bellot, Mihaela van der Schaar; PMLR 85:2-16

3D Point Cloud-Based Visual Prediction of ICU Mobility Care Activities

Bingbin Liu, Michelle Guo, Edward Chou, Rishab Mehra, Serena Yeung, N. Lance Downing, Francesca Salipur, Jeffrey Jopling, Brandi Campbell, Kayla Deru, William Beninati, Arnold Milstein, Li Fei-Fei; PMLR 85:17-29

Reproducible Survival Prediction with SEER Cancer Data

Stefan Hegselmann, Leonard Gruelich, Julian Varghese, Martin Dugas; PMLR 85:49-66

Contextual Bandits for Adapting Treatment in a Mouse Model of de Novo Carcinogenesis

Audrey Durand, Charis Achilleos, Demetris Iacovides, Katerina Strati, Georgios D. Mitsis, Joelle Pineau; PMLR 85:67-82

Towards Understanding ECG Rhythm Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Attention Mappings

Sebastian D. Goodfellow, Andrew Goodwin, Robert Greer, Peter C. Laussen, Mjaye Mazwi, Danny Eytan; PMLR 85:83-101

Integrating Hypertension Phenotype and Genotype with Hybrid Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Yuan Luo, Chengsheng Mao, Yiben Yang, Fei Wang, Faraz S. Ahmad, Donna Arnett, Marguerite R. Irvin, Sanjiv J. Shah; PMLR 85:102-118

Integrating Machine Learning and Optimization Methods for Imaging of Patients with Prostate Cancer

Selin Merdan, Khurshid Ghani, Brian Denton; PMLR 85:119-136

Disease-Atlas: Navigating Disease Trajectories using Deep Learning

Bryan Lim, Mihaela van der Schaar; PMLR 85:137-160

Reinforcement Learning with Action-Derived Rewards for Chemotherapy and Clinical Trial Dosing Regimen Selection

Gregory Yauney, Pratik Shah; PMLR 85:161-226

Learning from the experts: From expert systems to machine-learned diagnosis models

Murali Ravuri, Anitha Kannan, Geoffrey J. Tso, Xavier Amatriain; PMLR 85:227-243

Deep Survival Analysis: Nonparametrics and Missingness

Xenia Miscouridou, Adler Perotte, Noemie Elhadad, Rajesh Ranganath; PMLR 85:244-256

Multi-Label Learning from Medical Plain Text with Convolutional Residual Models

Yinyuan Zhang, Ricardo Henao, Zhe Gan, Yitong Li, Lawrence Carin; PMLR 85:280-294

A Domain Guided CNN Architecture for Predicting Age from Structural Brain Images

Pascal Sturmfels, Saige Rutherford, Mike Angstadt, Mark Peterson, Chandra Sripada, Jenna Wiens; PMLR 85:295-311

Predicting Smoking Events with a Time-Varying Semi-Parametric Hawkes Process Model

Matthew Engelhard, Hongteng Xu, Lawrence Carin, Jason A. Oliver, Matthew Hallyburton, F. Joseph McClernon; PMLR 85:312-331

Learning to Exploit Invariances in Clinical Time-Series Data using Sequence Transformer Networks

Jeeheh Oh, Jiaxuan Wang, Jenna Wiens; PMLR 85:332-347

Multi-task multiple kernel learning reveals relevant frequency bands for critical areas localization in focal epilepsy

Vanessa D’Amario, Federico Tomasi, Veronica Tozzo, Gabriele Arnulfo, Annalisa Barla, Lino Nobili; PMLR 85:348-382

Effective Use of Bidirectional Language Modeling for Transfer Learning in Biomedical Named Entity Recognition

Devendra Singh Sachan, Pengtao Xie, Mrinmaya Sachan, Eric P. Xing; PMLR 85:383-402

Deep Spine: Automated Lumbar Vertebral Segmentation, Disc-Level Designation, and Spinal Stenosis Grading using Deep Learning

Jen-Tang Lu, Stefano Pedemonte, Bernardo Bizzo, Sean Doyle, Katherine P. Andriole, Mark H. Michalski, R. Gilberto Gonzalez, Stuart R. Pomerantz; PMLR 85:403-419

Preference Learning in Assistive Robotics: Observational Repeated Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Bryce Woodworth, Francesco Ferrari, Teofilo E. Zosa, Laurel D. Riek; PMLR 85:420-439

Deep EHR: Chronic Disease Prediction Using Medical Notes

Jingshu Liu, Zachariah Zhang, Narges Razavian; PMLR 85:440-464

Bayesian Trees for Automated Cytometry Data Analysis

Disi Ji, Eric Nalisnick, Yu Qian, Richard H. Scheuermann, Padhraic Smyth; PMLR 85:465-483

Automated Treatment Planning in Radiation Therapy using Generative Adversarial Networks

Rafid Mahmood, Aaron Babier, Andrea McNiven, Adam Diamant, Timothy C. Y. Chan; PMLR 85:484-499

Modeling "Presentness" of Electronic Health Record Data to Improve Patient State Estimation

Jacob Fauber, Christian R. Shelton; PMLR 85:500-513

Pattern-Based Behavioural Analysis on Neurosurgical Simulation Data

Scott Buffett, Catherine Pagiatakis, Di Jiang; PMLR 85:514-533

Prediction of Cardiac Arrest from Physiological Signals in the Pediatric ICU

Sana Tonekaboni, Mjaye Mazwi, Peter Laussen, Danny Eytan, Robert Greer, Sebastian D. Goodfellow, Andrew Goodwin, Michael Brudno, Anna Goldenberg; PMLR 85:534-550

Learning to Summarize Electronic Health Records Using Cross-Modality Correspondences

Jen J. Gong, John V. Guttag; PMLR 85:551-570

Representation Learning Approaches to Detect False Arrhythmia Alarms from ECG Dynamics

Eric P. Lehman, Rahul G. Krishnan, Xiaopeng Zhao, Roger G. Mark, Li-wei H. Lehman; PMLR 85:571-586

Racial Disparities and Mistrust in End-of-Life Care

Willie Boag, Harini Suresh, Leo Anthony Celi, Peter Szolovits, Marzyeh Ghassemi; PMLR 85:587-602

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