Volume 103: International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications, 3-6 July 2019, Thagaste, Ghent, Belgium


Editors: Jasper De Bock, Cassio P. de Campos, Gert de Cooman, Erik Quaeghebeur, Gregory Wheeler




ISIPTA 2019: Preface

Jasper De Bock, Cassio P. de Campos, Gert de Cooman, Erik Quaeghebeur, Gregory Wheeler ; PMLR 103:1-1

Full Papers

Natural Selection with Objective Imprecise Probability

Marshall Abrams ; PMLR 103:2-13

Credal Sentential Decision Diagrams

Alessandro Antonucci, Alessandro Facchini, Lilith Mattei ; PMLR 103:14-22

Bernstein’s Socks, Polynomial-Time Provable Coherence and Entanglement

Alessio Benavoli, Alessandro Facchini, Marco Zaffalon ; PMLR 103:23-31

On Minimum Elementary-Triplet Bases for Independence Relations

Janneke Bolt, Linda C. van der Gaag ; PMLR 103:32-37

Aggregating Belief Models

Seamus Bradley ; PMLR 103:38-48

Possibility Measures for Valid Statistical Inference Based on Censored Data

Joyce Cahoon, Ryan Martin ; PMLR 103:49-58

Imprecise Gaussian Discriminant Classification

Yonatan Carlos Carranza Alarcon, Sébastien Destercke ; PMLR 103:59-67

Incorporating Expert Opinion in an Inferential Model while Maintaining Validity

Leonardo Cella, Ryan Martin ; PMLR 103:68-77

Extending Nearly-Linear Models

Chiara Corsato, Renato Pelessoni, Paolo Vicig ; PMLR 103:82-90

The Joy of Probabilistic Answer Set Programming

Fabio Cozman ; PMLR 103:91-101

Graphoid Properties of Variants of Epistemic Independence Based on Regular Conditioning

Fabio Cozman ; PMLR 103:102-110

Imprecise Probabilities as a Semantics for Intuitive Probabilistic Reasoning

Harry Crane ; PMLR 103:111-120

Interpreting, Axiomatising and Representing Coherent Choice Functions in Terms of Desirability

Jasper De Bock, Gert de Cooman ; PMLR 103:125-134

Monte Carlo Estimation for Imprecise Probabilities: Basic Properties

Arne Decadt, Gert de Cooman, Jasper De Bock ; PMLR 103:135-144

An Axiomatic Utility Theory for Dempster-Shafer Belief Functions

Thierry Denoeux, Prakash P. Shenoy ; PMLR 103:145-155

Coherent Upper Conditional Previsions Defined by Hausdorff Outer Measures for Unbounded Random Variables

Serena Doria ; PMLR 103:159-166

Robust Bayes Factor for Independent Two-Sample Comparisons under Imprecise Prior Information

Luisa Ebner, Patrick Michael Schwaferts, Thomas Augustin ; PMLR 103:167-174

First Steps Towards an Imprecise Poisson Process

Alexander Erreygers, Jasper De Bock ; PMLR 103:175-184

Improving the Convergence of Iterative Importance Sampling for Computing Upper and Lower Expectations

Thomas Fetz ; PMLR 103:185-193

SIPTA-Community Based on Paper Contributions – Descriptive Statistics and Network Analysis

Paul Fink ; PMLR 103:194-202

On the Usefulness of Imprecise Bayesianism in Chemical Kinetics

Marc Fischer ; PMLR 103:203-215

Constructing Simulation Data with Dependency Structure for Unreliable Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data Using Copulas

Cornelia Fuetterer, Georg Schollmeyer, Thomas Augustin ; PMLR 103:216-224

Simultaneous Inference under the Vacuous Orientation Assumption

Ruobin Gong ; PMLR 103:225-234

Confidence in Belief, Weight of Evidence and Uncertainty Reporting

Brian Hill ; PMLR 103:235-245

Embedding Probabilities, Utilities and Decisions in a Generalization of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks

Atefeh Keshavarzi Zafarghandi, Bart Verheij, Rineke Verbrugge ; PMLR 103:246-255

IP Scoring Rules: Foundations and Applications

Jason Konek ; PMLR 103:256-264

Hitting Times and Probabilities for Imprecise Markov Chains

Thomas Krak, Natan T’Joens, Jasper De Bock ; PMLR 103:265-275

Making Set-Valued Predictions in Evidential Classification: A Comparison of Different Approaches

Liyao Ma, Thierry Denoeux ; PMLR 103:276-285

Validity-Preservation Properties of Rules for Combining Inferential Models

Ryan Martin, Nicholas Syring ; PMLR 103:286-294

On Valid Uncertainty Quantification About a Model

Ryan Martin ; PMLR 103:295-303

A Unifying Frame for Neighbourhood and Distortion Models

Enrique Miranda, Ignacio Montes, Sébastien Destercke ; PMLR 103:304-313

Random Set Solutions to Stochastic Wave Equations

Michael Oberguggenberger, Lukas Wurzer ; PMLR 103:314-323

A Short Note on the Equivalence of the Ontic and the Epistemic View on Data Imprecision for the Case of Stochastic Dominance for Interval-Valued Data

Georg Schollmeyer ; PMLR 103:330-337

Imprecise Hypothesis-Based Bayesian Decision Making with Simple Hypotheses

Patrick Michael Schwaferts, Thomas Augustin ; PMLR 103:338-345

A Retrospective on Isaac Levi: June 30, 1930 – December 25, 2018

Teddy Seidenfeld ; PMLR 103:346-353

Extensions of Sets of Markov Operators Under Epistemic Irrelevance

Damjan Skulj ; PMLR 103:354-363

Incompletely Known Sample Spaces: Models and Human Intuitions

Michael Smithson ; PMLR 103:367-376

In Search of a Global Belief Model for Discrete-Time Uncertain Processes

Natan T’Joens, Jasper De Bock, Gert de Cooman ; PMLR 103:377-385

A Cantelli-Type Inequality for Constructing Non-Parametric P-Boxes Based on Exchangeability

Matthias Troffaes, Tathagata Basu ; PMLR 103:386-393

Two-State Imprecise Markov Chains for Statistical Modelling of Two-State Non-Markovian Processes

Matthias Troffaes, Thomas Krak, Henna Bains ; PMLR 103:394-403

Imprecise Extensions of Random Forests and Random Survival Forests

Lev Utkin, Maxim Kovalev, Anna Meldo, Frank Coolen ; PMLR 103:404-413

Irrelevant Natural Extension for Choice Functions

Arthur Van Camp, Enrique Miranda ; PMLR 103:414-423

Robust Causal Domain Adaptation in a Simple Diagnostic Setting

Thijs van Ommen ; PMLR 103:424-429

Robust Analysis of MAP Inference in Selective Sum-Product Networks

Julissa Giuliana Villanueva Llerena, Denis Deratani Mauá ; PMLR 103:430-440

Short Papers

An Experimental Study of Prior Dependence in Bayesian Network Structure Learning

Alvaro Henrique Chaim Correia, Cassio P. de Campos, Linda C. van der Gaag ; PMLR 103:78-81

Decideit 3.0: Software for Second-Order Based Decision Evaluations

Mats Danielson, Love Ekenberg, Aron Larsson ; PMLR 103:121-124

Robustness in Sum-Product Networks with Continuous and Categorical Data

Rob de Wit, Cassio P. de Campos, Diarmaid Conaty, Jesus Martinez del Rincon ; PMLR 103:156-158

Dilation and Asymmetric Relevance

Arthur Paul Pedersen, Gregory Wheeler ; PMLR 103:324-326

On Intercausal Interactions in Probabilistic Relational Models

Silja Renooij, Linda C. van der Gaag, Philippe Leray ; PMLR 103:327-329

Imprecise Compositional Data Analysis: Alternative Statistical Methods

Michael Smithson ; PMLR 103:364-366

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