Volume 60: Conformal and Probabilistic Prediction and Applications, 13-16 June 2017, Stockholm, Sweden


Editors: Alex Gammerman, Vladimir Vovk, Zhiyuan Luo, Harris Papadopoulos



Alex Gammerman, Vladimir Vovk, Zhiyuan Luo, Harris Papadopoulos; PMLR 60:1-2

Online Aggregation of Unbounded Signed Losses Using Shifting Experts

Vladimir V. V’yugin; PMLR 60:3-17

Asymptotic Properties of Nonparametric Estimation on Manifold

Yury Yanovich; PMLR 60:18-38

Combination of Conformal Predictors for Classification

Paolo Toccaceli, Alexander Gammerman; PMLR 60:39-61

Conformal Prediction for Automatic Face Recognition

Charalambos Eliades, Harris Papadopoulos; PMLR 60:62-81

Nonparametric predictive distributions based on conformal prediction

Vladimir Vovk, Jieli Shen, Valery Manokhin, Min-ge Xie; PMLR 60:82-102

Maximizing Gain in HTS Screening Using Conformal Prediction

Ulf Norinder, Fredrik Svensson, Avid M. Afzal, Andreas Bender; PMLR 60:103-117

Prediction of Metabolic Transformations using Cross Venn-ABERS Predictors

Staffan Arvidsson, Ola Spjuth, Lars Carlsson, Paolo Toccaceli; PMLR 60:118-131

Inductive Conformal Martingales for Change-Point Detection

Denis Volkhonskiy, Evgeny Burnaev, Ilia Nouretdinov, Alexander Gammerman, Vladimir Vovk; PMLR 60:132-153

On the Calibration of Aggregated Conformal Predictors

Henrik Linusson, Ulf Norinder, Henrik Boström, Ulf Johansson, Tuve Löfström; PMLR 60:154-173

Using Conformal Prediction to Prioritize Compound Synthesis in Drug Discovery

Ernst Ahlberg, Susanne Winiwarter, Henrik Boström, Henrik Linusson, Tuve Löfström, Ulf Norinder Ulf Johansson, Ola Engkvist, Oscar Hammar, Claus Bendtsen, Lars Carlsson; PMLR 60:174-184

Reverse Conformal Approach for On-line Experimental Design

Ilia Nouretdinov; PMLR 60:185-192

Improving Reliable Probabilistic Prediction by Using Additional Knowledge

Ilia Nouretdinov; PMLR 60:193-200

Comparing Performance of Different Inductive and Transductive Conformal Predictors Relevant to Drug Discovery

Lars Carlsson, Claus Bendtsen, Ernst Ahlberg; PMLR 60:201-212

Conformal $k$-NN Anomaly Detector for Univariate Data Streams

Vladislav Ishimtsev, Alexander Bernstein, Evgeny Burnaev, Ivan Nazarov; PMLR 60:213-227

Multi-class probabilistic classification using inductive and cross Venn–Abers predictors

Valery Manokhin; PMLR 60:228-240

SCOT Approximation, Training and Asymptotic Inference

Mikhail Malyutov, Paul Grosu; PMLR 60:241-265

CP-RA$k$EL: Improving Random $k$-labelsets with Conformal Prediction for Multi-label Classification

Fan Yang, Xiaolu Gan, Huazhen Wang, Lei Feng, Yongxuan Lai; PMLR 60:266-279

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